The Global
Leadership Summit



Sharing your love for the Summit is easy to do with these quick tools. Consider investing your social capital and helping to promote GLS23.

Here you will find everything you need, from print materials, video content, and even social media files that are ready to share. Download the files, use them in your context, and promote GLS23

Main Elements 

These are the main art elements for GLS23. You can use the Style Guide, along with the provided assets, to shape and craft your GLS23 marketing look and feel.

GLS23 Style Guide

Art Elements

Web/Email Banners

Faculty Headshots

Print Materials


Print these files or use them online, in emails, or on social media to remind your circle of influence about the GLS this year.

Faculty Bio’s & Themes

Main Flyer



Some of our most impactful and current videos can be posted online or shared with your contacts to help you promote and explain what the GLS is.

GLS23 Promo – 1:09 mins

Craig Groeschel Promo – 1:10 mins

Craig Groeschel Summit Sunday – 28:38 mins

GLS22 Highlight Reel

Social Media


Use these Social Media Templates to engage your community through your social media following. Find scripts and ready-to-use posts for August & October.